Getting Clarity

The past few weeks I've shared some very practical information with you regarding the food that you purchase and prepare for your family.

We've talked about reading labels, paying close attention to ingredients, differences between conventionally and organically grown food, what is a gmo crop, and so on. 

I trust at this point that you have a realization why it is so important for us to monitor our diet, since the food we consume determines the energy, overall vitality and health of our bodies.

Do you want to want to end up as a cancer statistic? Of course not! That's why you are here. To learn how to gain more food independence and incorporate nutritionally dense, disease fighting, health enhancing foods to your diet.

Welcome aboard to the Garden of Your Health!

Today I want to talk about getting clarity.

We all have great and wonderful ideas that we want to implement, new and better habits we want to start, grand goals we want to accomplish! All noble intentions.

But where do we start?

We start by separating ourselves from the noise of this world and really getting clear on some practical and meaningful changes that we seriously want to implement in our lives.

This is where I go out into the solitude of the garden and seek God's wisdom, discernment and direction. He speaks when you give him your time and undivided attention. 

Take my advice. Keep your goals as simple and doable as possible, otherwise you may set yourself up for undeniable failure. 

Let me provide an example of a List of Goals that would probably not bring clarity, but disappointment instead:

1. Lose 20 pounds in 30 days 

2. Make $50,000 dollars more in the next year

3. Renovate and redecorate the entire downstairs of my home

4. Get 30 new coaching clients in the next two weeks

5. Get up at 4:30am and go to the gym 5 days a week

6. Go live on Facebook every single day for the next year to promote my business

Now let's revamp this list (which isn't terrible by any means!!!) so that it sets you up for clarity and victory instead of failure:

1. Eat healthier foods, increase the amount of veggies, greens and salads that I eat, avoid sugar and junk food

2. Research about some online businesses I could start, think about monetizing a hobby that I enjoy, google search for home based businesses, talk to people who are making money doing things you might enjoy

3. Paint and redecorate one room in the house, use fresh new colors and make it inviting and beautiful, look for deals on furniture online and at estate sales

4. Work towards pulling in 1 or 2 clients per month; that will add up to 12 to 24 new clients per year

5. Start going to the gym twice a week; after a couple weeks, increase it to three times per week. Go when it is convenient. And consider more outdoor activities such as brisk walking, low intensity jogging, etc.

6. Go Live on Facebook once a week at the same time, on the same day, and increase it slowly as you get very comfortable

Ok, so the second list was rewritten to remove the OVERWHELM.

When you feel overwhelmed, your stress levels will increase, you will dread the schedule and demanding deadlines, and you will eventually fail.

So start smart and start slow. Master your first steps BEFORE you work your way up, increase your activity, or push yourself a little harder.

And these principles absolutely relate to starting a bountiful and enjoyable garden.

Setting a firm foundation in basic principles first is the key to success in any goal that you set out to achieve.

I truly hope this article was insightful and helps you to gain clarity in every area that you are assessing and surveying in your life.

Next time, we will talk about COMMITMENT and the steps to implementing the goals we've chosen to undertake.

Be Blessed My Friends!


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