The Journey from Mindset to Soulset

"Success is manufactured in the mind

while Happiness is cultivated in the Soul."

- Philip McKernan

I came across Philip McKernan one night when I turned on a documentary called "Give & Grow: A Journey to Uncover Your Gift." I'm not going to be a spoiler, but I will say it was a brilliant interpretation of seeing life completely different, and recalibrating your modus operandi (mental presets).

The film is available to watch for free at and I highly recommend it.

The majority of us are taught at a very young age that the definition of SUCCESS directly relates to the accumulation of great sums of money, big promotions, being wealthy, obtaining expensive homes, costly vehicles, living extravagant lifestyles. Yet multitudes of people who reach this achievement and satisfy this goal often don't experience the happiness that they were so sure would engulf them!

How do we know?

Because many courageous souls speak out about the reality of living a luxurious, but very unsatisfying, life.

Philip talks about being a young, profitable entrepreneur, in partnership with his family to a prosperous coffee producing company in Ireland. He "had it all," yet, during his pinnacle of outward success and seeming joy, he was harbouring an inner turmoil, a gnawing feeling of unrest.

Every morning he would wake up with a knot in his stomach.

And no matter how much money he made, the internal knot never subsided. He referred to this as the trappings of success.

Leaving his family's company in the middle of his peak performance and financial achievement bewildered those around him, yet when he stepped out in faith, it sparked the beginning of his own personal journey from


to soulset. 

It was the turning point.

Philip recalls that his identity had become

what he did and what he owned.

NOT who he was.

Difficult as it was, listening to the feeling in his gut and stepping out into his authentic journey was exactly what he needed to begin the process of becoming himself.

Philip, who admits he doesn't like acronyms, came up with this clever one about GUT.

G uidance from within

U have the answers

T rust yourself

We live in a society where the majority of people THINK success rather than FEEL contentment. The standard model of success is not centered around developing our unique giftings or manifesting those innate desires and skills we possess. Success focuses only on material wealth, social status, and perfect looks.

Comparison and competition breed feelings of inadequacy, failure and discontentment.

Mindset programs the definition of success as possessions, status, and image.

Soulset cultivates and grows the innate giftings and unique passions that you naturally possess in a healthy and instinctive approach. 

Philip's teachings radiate with me because, through the garden, I am transferring from a mindset mentality to a soulset purposeful life.

That is the beauty of creating space (or getting quiet). Philip recommends that we eliminate the noise that bombards us everyday.

And that was one of the reasons I wrote The Garden of Your Heart.

To encourage and teach people how to remove the blare and clamor of the world and grow a thriving and meaningful relationship with God.

There are a multitude of reasons to connect with nature, to germinate that spiritual relationship you've been yearning for, to create that soothing, healing space where you and your creator can meet up and walk together in the cool of the day.

I look so forward to the warm days of Spring and the planting of seeds and getting out into the garden. 

It's going to be glorious, my dear friends!

I cannot wait to get growing with you all!


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