Which Path Should You Take?

Yesterday I sat down at the kitchen table to pray with my kids and take communion together. Hubby had to go to work otherwise he would have joined us.

Encouraging my family to share their requests, my youngest daughter offered up some prayers for her friends. She was very concerned about some of the choices that they were making. Her voice quaked and I felt her sadness.

We are not responsible for the paths that people choose to follow.

I heard it crystal clear in my Spirit. It opened up a direction for me to go into in prayer, and minister to my children accordingly.

When the image of God radiates through us (see Genesis 1:27), our desire is to serve and sanctify all those in need whom we love and genuinely care about. Watching our friends and family making bad choices is a painful sight to witness. Often, we step in with remedies and solutions to the problems that our loved ones are experiencing (can I get an Amen, ladies).

And how often are we rejected for those suggestions? (I'm laughing right now....)

How many times was Jesus rejected 2,000 years ago,

20 years ago,

2 days ago?

Ecclesiastes 1:9 says,

"That which has been is what will be,That which is done is what will be done,
And there is nothing new under the sun."

There's nothing new under the sun, my friends. 

God reminded me during our prayer time that in order for him to work through people's lives, WE have to step out of the way. Very often, God allows those we love to walk down a path that may seem avoidable, unnecessary, and otherwise downright painful. What we must understand is that God has ordained this particular path and he will use it to change the life course of the person who is walking this path. 

This is when we step back and offer up prayers and good intentions for the people we are concerned for. 

And no matter the circumstances, we continue to support, love, and encourage because that is our true calling as followers of the Most High God.

We are not responsible for the paths that people choose to follow. 

I KNOW how discouraging and disheartening it is to watch people you care about going down a dark and dangerous path. But we have to trust and believe that God's destiny will manifest and grow in the lives of people who occupy a space in our hearts.

As I navigated through my own agonizing and unjustified journey, I found strength and fortitude that I didn't know existed. And God became real to me because as I cried out in pain and confusion, he revealed himself in supernatural and astounding ways!

The revelation and truth that was bestowed on me during that excruciating journey made it completely worthwhile.

I would not change the circumstances even if I had a chance to go back because my journey opened the gates to the destiny that was written on my heart.....which was

My precious, intimate relationship with Jesus.

What makes the most exquisite diamond in the world?


And the results are worth the cost.

And how does this relate to the garden?

Where do we plant the seed? We bury it in a cold and dark place and we wait. Sometimes it germinates quickly, and other times, it may take weeks or even months depending on what you are growing.

What is God growing in your loved ones and those you care about?

What is God growing in you?

I'm excited, friends, because I truly believe he is growing something GOOD inside of all of us!

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