Your First Container Garden Video

How about this weather?!

It has been an incredible week. The temperature rose about 30 degrees. We went from below normal to well above average. With these extreme fluctuations in weather becoming more prevalent, it reinforces me to pay attention to garden principles that benefit our way of life.

Speaking of which, I got up to the nursery this week and picked up some gorgeous vegetables, herbs and annuals. 

And I created a lovely half barrel container garden!

I think you're going to love it.

And to help you, I also created a pdf download of instructions on how to create this beauty including supply and materials list, and care and maintenance.

Grab that list here My First Container Garden.

So check out the video and make sure you print out those directions!

It was so much fun to put together! My youngest daughter helped record and even though I have a lot of kinks to work out :-) my heart is to help all of you to eat and feel better! 

You got this (and so do I)!

So Let's Get Growing!









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