No More Weeding?

Who knew you could grown Corn in a container!

Check out these Container Gardens!

I had to share these with you to give you some inspiration (and give me a little too!). 

There is so much versatility in container gardening and I plan on getting very creative this year. 

From vegetables to herbs to annuals (the flowers that only bloom for one long season). We can mix and match to our hearts content. And space issues and maintenance challenges are virtually nonexistent with container gardens.

You will be amazed at the harvest that can be obtained from container gardens. They may be small but they are incredibly fruitful, depending on the types of crops you choose.

Imagine going outside to pick fresh peppers from your container garden? Talk about rewarding! And the just doesn't get any fresher than "fresh picked."

Even spreading crops like zucchini can be successfully grown in containers. I will show you how! 

And guess what? You won't have to go out and...

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Basic Gardening Terms You Should Know

If you aren’t familiar with gardening there are some terms that you may not understand. Because I want this process to be enjoyable, understanding certain references will make the development easier and give you more clarity.


Less stress equals more fun!


You can choose to start your vegetables from seed or purchase small plants in the Spring at your local nursery or hardware store. The easier choice would be the latter.


Seed starting can be enjoyable and rewarding, but realize that it requires proper shelving and sufficient room, ample lighting, heating, various equipment such as trays, potting soil, etc. And honestly, it can get messy.


I purchased a small, indoor, portable greenhouse with shelves. Waterproof heating mats (separate purchase) cover the shelves and keep my seedling trays warm.


Because I have been gardening literally for decades, I find it convenient to start some seeds indoors, buy some vegetable and herb plants in the...

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Back to the Garden

Spring officially starts Tuesday, March 20th at 12:15 pm eastern time, but who's counting?

I've had enough of this winter and I need SPRING.

The season of awakening. Joy and flourishing. 

What appeared to be dead now bursts into life. Resurrection envelops us in waves of green and yellow and blue.

The still, cold quiet now erupts into jubilant bird song. 

As the garden awakes, the seeds of last year's harvest wake up and germinate, introducing a new generation of abundance!

Spring spreads the good news of Life!

What unexplainable bliss beckons me to the garden where I witness the most amazing miraculous transformations. The garden is more than magical. It is heavenly revelation.

God is pulling me back to the garden, my friends. He is wooing me with new and enticing promises of territories and adventures yet to be disclosed.

Although more threats of snow and ice fill the airwaves, I am not swayed. 

I will cover, protect, and guard that which God has placed in my...

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