Do the Most Good





I didn't say this quote. Bill Gates did. And it hit me right between the eyes.


No wonder he's so successful!


Reflecting on 2017, I looked at the good, the bad, and the ugly. It appeared mostly good, thank God! But then I asked myself, "did you do the most good?, for the greatest amount of people?, with everything you had?"




I don't believe in focusing on the past. My energy is best expended on right now and how I can make that better. So, I thought, what is the "most good" for me? Is it going to church on Sunday and seeing my friends and coming into agreement how great Jesus is? Is it putting a check in the mail to a ministry outreach that feeds starving kids from Africa? Is it seeing some homeless man and sending up a quick prayer to heaven for his poor soul? That's all good, but it's not the MOST good. Not for me.


This new year, I want to put out a challenge to you and ME. Let's ask ourselves, and be...

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