Getting Clarity

The past few weeks I've shared some very practical information with you regarding the food that you purchase and prepare for your family.

We've talked about reading labels, paying close attention to ingredients, differences between conventionally and organically grown food, what is a gmo crop, and so on. 

I trust at this point that you have a realization why it is so important for us to monitor our diet, since the food we consume determines the energy, overall vitality and health of our bodies.

Do you want to want to end up as a cancer statistic? Of course not! That's why you are here. To learn how to gain more food independence and incorporate nutritionally dense, disease fighting, health enhancing foods to your diet.

Welcome aboard to the Garden of Your Health!

Today I want to talk about getting clarity.

We all have great and wonderful ideas that we want to implement, new and better habits we want to start, grand goals we want to accomplish! All noble intentions.

But where...

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Peace that Surpasses

health peace rest restore Feb 10, 2018


The PEACE that surpasses all understanding.

Tranquility and complete calmness.

Unless you seek with all your heart to seize that rare and invaluable treasure, it's likely you will not find it happenstance. Peace almost doesn't exist in our world.

These are the reasons for searching out the still, small voice. To restore the balance that the noise of this world has so ruthlessly remodeled. To bring back a piece of the original design.

Last month's toll on my health legitimately forced me to consider the importance of self-care (and I'm not talking about weekly pedicures here!). 

God impressed on me that REST was an issue that required my immediate attention (see Healthy and Whole January 27, 2018). As I continued pressing in for guidance regarding my personal healthcare, revelation began to manifest about the condition of my soul. This story was new and unexpected. Virgin territory.

It was an eye opening and chain-breaking experience. The truth CAN set you...

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