The Gift in Your Heart


God spoke and he said I have given each one of my children a gift. It is wrapped in the recesses of your heart. When you receive and open this gift, your destiny, my imprint on your life, will be revealed.


You have complete freedom to do anything you like with this gift. 


You may live it out or pretend it doesn't exist. You may share it with the masses, or hide it from even yourself. You may choose to forget about it, or bring it into the world for all eyes to see, enjoy and benefit from.


God asks you today, what are you doing with the gift I have given you?


Has it been so long that you cannot recall the gift? Have you hidden it so deeply within your heart that you can't remember what the passion feels like? Is the gift a distant foreigner, a stranger that no longer holds your affection?


Time is short, my dear reader.


There is a destiny within us that our spirit longs to fulfill. But more often than not, or soul is in...

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