Update in the Garden

Update in the Garden Video

So how's your garden growing?

Did you try planting a half barrel or other container last month?

Yes, it's been a whole month since I last posted because I've been incredibly active growing my gardens (and believe you me I have more than one!). 

Well, if you didn't get to it just yet, let me share some good news with you. It's not too late! You can still plant up a container garden and enjoy the fruits of your labor in no time at all.

Let me encourage you.

Go back and listen to my last vlog post for step by step directions and more inspiration to get your creative gardening juices flowing! 

Where can you find some Vegetables, Herbs and Annuals?

I'm glad you asked!

Local nurseries and garden centers are fantastic places to locate great materials. Often, these suppliers will carry unique, organic vegetables, herbs and flowers. Here on Long Island, Agway is a good source for quality plant materials but there are definitely more options if you...

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