I Am So Excited

After setting aside some quiet time and genuinely seeking much needed heavenly inspiration, a strategy, or "format," for what I need to do with my blog was delivered and received.

Don't you just LUV when your ideas and inspirations are able to meld together into one grand scheme?

Anyhowsers, my latest plan which will start taking effect TODAY is as follows:

Mondays I will be posting on inspirational messages, intentional thoughts, spiritual ponderings...topics such as "Purpose and Plan" "Goal Setting" "Taking Inventory" and "Are You Doing or Actually Living Happy" will be some of the subjects that come up. 

Mondays will also include a Soundcloud Audio Recording. Now if you still don't have Soundcloud, it's free and very easy to use. Having an audio to listen to is so convenient while you're driving or working in the kitchen :-)

Thursdays I will be posting on gardening and landscape topics. These will include beginner lessons on seed selection, easiest vegetables to grow in a...

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Peace that Surpasses

health peace rest restore Feb 10, 2018


The PEACE that surpasses all understanding.

Tranquility and complete calmness.

Unless you seek with all your heart to seize that rare and invaluable treasure, it's likely you will not find it happenstance. Peace almost doesn't exist in our world.

These are the reasons for searching out the still, small voice. To restore the balance that the noise of this world has so ruthlessly remodeled. To bring back a piece of the original design.

Last month's toll on my health legitimately forced me to consider the importance of self-care (and I'm not talking about weekly pedicures here!). 

God impressed on me that REST was an issue that required my immediate attention (see Healthy and Whole January 27, 2018). As I continued pressing in for guidance regarding my personal healthcare, revelation began to manifest about the condition of my soul. This story was new and unexpected. Virgin territory.

It was an eye opening and chain-breaking experience. The truth CAN set you...

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