Do the Most Good - Part 2




Did you "do the most good?" for the "greatest amount" with the "resources you had" in 2017?


We talked about the "Most Good" in our previous discussion. Let's jump into the "Greatest Amount."


The greatest amount can vary for all of us. Just to clarify, we are talking about people - those we affect in our lives. They can be strangers, or the person sleeping beside us - or both. We need to look at these people with the eyes of Jesus.


How do we see them as Jesus saw them? Oh, my friend, that is the great challenge. Because our thoughts are colored by emotion and sealed by circumstance. Like the pharisee, we sometimes harbor a predefined category for certain people groups.  However, we have a supernatural remedy to overcome our cultural imprint - GRACE.


God's Grace is what enables us to walk into God's calling. To see with the eyes of Jesus. To activate the compassion he's placed in our hearts and be moved to connect with...

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