The Journey from Mindset to Soulset

"Success is manufactured in the mind

while Happiness is cultivated in the Soul."

- Philip McKernan

I came across Philip McKernan one night when I turned on a documentary called "Give & Grow: A Journey to Uncover Your Gift." I'm not going to be a spoiler, but I will say it was a brilliant interpretation of seeing life completely different, and recalibrating your modus operandi (mental presets).

The film is available to watch for free at and I highly recommend it.

The majority of us are taught at a very young age that the definition of SUCCESS directly relates to the accumulation of great sums of money, big promotions, being wealthy, obtaining expensive homes, costly vehicles, living extravagant lifestyles. Yet multitudes of people who reach this achievement and satisfy this goal often don't experience the happiness that they were so sure would engulf them!

How do we know?

Because many courageous souls speak out about the reality...

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All Work and No Play

life rejuvenate success work Feb 21, 2018


 All Work and No Play

Every New Year I order planning books, calendars and assorted organizational tools with the goal of getting more things done!

I sit down and begin to map it all out - when, where, how. My big plan for the "new" year.

          --- Clean and organize my office 

          --- Get ready for the taxes

          --- Strategize for the landscape business and my  own personal business ventures

          --- Execute my vision for online marketing, building an audience, creating content, etc.

          --- Schedule for the kids in terms of school, vacation, career development, employment

The lists and calendars morph and change as quickly as the weather. But one thing remains the same.

I don't plan anything - personally - for me. The planning and organizing focus around business, finance, work, family objectives and...

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